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El Dorado County Vegetation Management Program


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County Vegetation Management and Defensible Space Program Complaint Form

The County's Vegetation Management and Defensible Space Ordinance 5101, Chapter 8.09, took effect May 30, 2019. Inspections to ensure compliance with the Ordinance shall be performed in the following manner:

  • County Vegetation Management program staff will perform inspections in identified County Emphasis Areas (CEA) annually, beginning in April and continuing throughout any given year.
  • CAL FIRE will perform inspections in identified Target Hazard Areas (THA) within the County. 
  • Local fire districts will perform- inspections in identified Wildfire Risk Areas (WRA) within the County. 

In addition to these regularly planned inspections, County Vegetation Management will respond to citizen complaints to protect the health and safety of residents. A complainant must either be a County resident, own property within the County, or own a business that is located or operated within the County.

Inspections resulting from a complaint will likely result in inspection of neighboring properties, including the property of the reporting party.

This complaint form may be used to report an issue regarding a property that is not in an identified CEA, THA, or WRA, and is not within the incorporated cities of Placerville or South Lake Tahoe. For properties located within the City of Placerville, contact Diane Palmer at 530‑642-5579 or Pierre Rivas at 530-642-5569. 
For properties located within the City of South Lake Tahoe, contact South Lake Tahoe Fire Rescue at 530-542-6160.

Complaint Form Instructions:

  • Complaints will only be accepted on the official County complaint form.  The form may be submitted electronically, in person, or by U.S. mail.  Complaints - cannot be accepted via telephone or without the filing of the necessary form.
  • Only one property of concern per complaint form.
  • All correspondence related to a complaint such as drawings or photographs shall be attached to the complaint form when submitted.
  • All complaints will be received and reviewed by County vegetation management staff, CALFire and local fire districts, any of which may investigate the complaint and inspect the property.

Please allow 4 weeks after submittal of a complaint before checking on the status.

Questions about the County's Vegetation Management and Defensible Space ordinance can be emailed to:


Anonymous complaints will not be accepted.

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For purposes of this form, by entering their name and clicking “submit”, the submitting party acknowledges the facsimile or electronic version created thereby shall be deemed the same as an original signature.

In accordance with County Ordinance, chapter 09.02.70 Confidentiality in Connection with Citizen's Complaints:  The county shall take all reasonable steps to ensure that the identity of any person making a complaint to the County concerning a violation of the El Dorado County Code or other applicable laws shall remain confidential. It is declared and found by the Board of Supervisors that the public interest served by not making the information public clearly outweighs the public interest served by disclosure of the information as is required by the Public Records Act. It shall be a misdemeanor to knowingly file a false complaint.